Security Tokens: Why are they becoming the Next Trend?


Blockchain is no longer a new concept… The technology has grown, and we can see its applications in every field — e-commerce, supply chain, management, finance, etc — , it is an available tech and ready to be massive. The widespread publicity and the appearance of new token economies, the rage of creators producing NFTs […]

NFT and the dawn of Metaverse


In recent years, along with the development trend of Metaverse, NFTs will play an important role in Metaverses, allowing anyone to fully own digital works, characters, and accumulated items in the game… Besides, cryptocurrencies could become the only currency used in the Metaverse, with all virtual objects and intangibles represented as NFTs. Let’s explore the […]

Implications on the development of a NFT marketplace


The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their adoption has grown and expanded significantly over the years. NFT trading volume in various marketplaces has increased rapidly with huge and increasing numbers. Many artists and celebrities have entered the NFT market. They have become references for many individual collectors, investors and the curious. NFT marketplace platforms […]

Decrypting the potential of NFT phenomenon in marketing


In just a short time, the phrase “NFT” has become a topic that grabs much of customers’ and businesses’ interest. Why are so many people willing to spend millions of dollars just to buy virtual assets that they can download for free? Why are firms leveraging the NFT trend for brand promotion?