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lakrisen haricharan

Lakrisen Haricharan

Lakrisen Haricharan, a.k.a. Lak, is a Robotics Engineer with a strong skill set in mechanics, electronics, and software development. Through hardware and software implementation, he has developed resourceful fault-finding strategies to deliver projects on time and shape. In recent years his interest in the blockchain space has grown and he transferred his problem-solving skills into this area to create solutions in a fast adapting field.

His specific skills include:

  • 3D autoCAD modeling for mechanical design and 3D printing for rapid prototyping;
  • Printed circuit board design and production including soldering and boot loading;
  • Embedded systems programming in C code for robotic control systems and manipulators;
  • Programming in Python for financial data analysis and use in internet-of-things microcomputers; and,
  • Blockchain development using node.js, graphQL, typescript, and docker to index data from the Ethereum blockchain.

During his traveling, Lakrisen Haricharan also worked as a piano teacher in Australia and early childhood education in Vietnam, giving him a level of versatility and communication skills that today he can apply in other areas, and allowing him to fit in any team adding value and cohesion.

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