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Token Linear Vesting

Building Trustless to Ensure Aligned Incentives

Token Linear Vesting is a platform that allows stakeholders and companies to build a mutually beneficial relationship by providing a transparent and automated vesting system

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What is Linear Vesting?

Definition & Meaning

In the decentralized finance ecosystem, businesses can distribute tokens to founders, key employees, advisors and investors. “Linear Vesting” is the process of releasing tokens to stakeholders after a certain period of time in a progressive way where the tokens are gradually unlocked

The Game Changer

Let’s Make The Difference

Token Linear Vesting is an innovative platform that provides a new Vesting experience through

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Linear Vesting Project

How Does It Works

The Linear Vesting Platform guarantees the stability of a project and the viability of the ecosystem in the long term by bypassing the manual operational workload, providing an automated and transparent vesting system

Explore more about Linear Vesting Process  here

Connect Your Wallet

Access Into Active Pool

Claim Your Available Tokens

Relationships & Roles

The Linear Vesting platform is designed to simplify transactions between users

Dandelion labs token linear vesting broker

The Factory Admin

Create pools through the factory smart contract

Dandelion labs token linear vesting user

The Pool Admin

Create and revoke the manager’s role(s)

Dandelion labs token linear vesting manager

The Manager

Add, change and manage stakeholders

Dandelion labs token linear vesting stakeholder

The Stakeholder

Join pool(s) and claim linear vesting tokens

Confidence is Trustless

Traditionally, the stakeholders and companies are dependent on manual interactions, this human involvement plays a big role in the mistrust in an already trustless economy. Token Linear Vesting platform resolves this issue by bypassing the operational workload, providing an accessible, automated and transparent vesting system

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