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The potential development in blockchain games

In recent years, Blockchain games are said to be the new breeze of the gaming industry. Blockchain game projects have continuously appeared in recent times, attracting millions of dollars from international investment funds. This is a game genre built on the Blockchain platform – a cryptocurrency building platform. Thanks to that, Blockchain games are evaluated as the exploitation potential of the game industry. From startups to traditional companies, all show their ambition to tap into this emerging market. The content and gameplay in this game genre also varies from virtual pets, role-playing combat to sci-fi games, catching up with the metaverse trend. 

Let’s dig deeper into blockchain games with Dandelion Labs by going through this article.

Blockchain games

The term blockchain game refers to a game genre which is created based on the blockchain platform. These games are different from traditional games due to their decentralization. Assets in the world of blockchain games have been distributed among many servers and players instead of being centrally controlled by only one single server. Previously, traditional video games have been built on rigid technological foundations. The player’s items in traditional games are stuck in the account with no intent to upgrade them to newer versions. The advent of blockchain games solved this rigidity. Thanks to the blockchain platform, the information could be adjusted and processed by smart contracts. The information in the game blockchain is easily reused and analyzed. This means that gamers can own items in the blockchain game and easily exchange them for other players at any time.


Outstanding features of blockchain game


This is the outstanding feature of blockchain games compared to traditional video games. Valuable gamers’ items are stored in multiple platforms instead of being centralized in a single server that is stored in a traditional game. With the Blockchain platform, the assets or items in the game will be distributed and spread evenly among many players. To trade assets in the Blockchain game, players only need to use the token of the Blockchain game maker or other available seller.

Reuse of data

Every item in the blockchain game is designed and stored against a database. That is, all assets in the game Blockchain of the player are managed by tokens. Even if the account of the player who owns the item is deleted, the valuable item will still be publicly available. So, all of these items are reusable and can be bought and sold easily on the Blockchain game marketplace.

This special feature significantly helps users avoid wasting a lot of money, time… to plow their favorite game, but the account is deleted, leading to the loss of the items that the account owns. Besides, they have many opportunities to access and use the token application in Blockchain. At the same time, they do not have to depend on any fixed game.

Transparency about item values and rewards

Blockchain platforms are known for their transparency and verifiability. And games on Blockchain will also maintain this property, so the reliability will be higher. That is, the value of rewards and items in the Blockchain game are all verifiable. Blockchain game rewards and items are transparent and verifiable by anyone. Therefore, you can feel more secure when participating in the Blockchain game chain, especially gambling. And thanks to this transparency, the risk of fraud through the game is also limited. In particular, although it is a reward and item in the game, it has real-life property value.


Limitations of Blockchain Game

Poor user experience

Currently, the Ethereum network has a rather slow transaction execution speed (it takes 15 seconds/transaction). This has caused a lot of hindrance to the game play process of gamers. However, many Blockchain game projects have also planned to improve this problem. But until now, gamers have always complained about the speed when experiencing games on Blockchain.

Lack of good human resources

The game ecosystem on Blockchain is still sketchy and there is a shortage of developers. This shows that the human resources of Blockchain games are limited and in short supply. Lack of good capacity makes Blockchain game limited in developing and improving user experience

Therefore, Blockchain needs to add more good experts – people who are enthusiastic and understand the field of gaming as well as Blockchain. As a result, the Blockchain game platform can develop strongly and enhance a new experience for users.


The potential of Development in Blockchain games

With the outstanding features listed, we can see that Blockchain games will not only be highly entertaining but also a potential investment for gamers. Now all items are always stored on many different platforms. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about items being lost.

At the same time, you can also buy and sell them at any time and the value from the transaction in the Blockchain game is the real asset value in real life. Not only that, the transparency of rewards and items will help you avoid being scammed through the game. So, Blockchain gaming will always exist because gamers will have a hard time turning their backs on this great innovation in the gaming field.

Besides, Blockchain games are also a new playground for technology startups in the E-Sport and Crypto markets. For indie game makers or studios with a limited scale, blockchain-based “play to earn” games are an opportunity to try out without having to invest a lot in marketing. Since this is a highly community-based game, promotion is highly dependent on player experience and game service-related factors.

However, also because of the community, the unity of the trading unit in the game’s network and associated applications greatly contributes to the success of the game. At this point, the big players in the Esport market easily and quickly create their own community when the ecosystem is available.

Blockchain games can attract investors who are gamers and vice versa, attracting people who have never played games before to join as crypto investors. This will be a potential market but still quite new not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Currently, the number of startups or technology moguls holding market share is still low and competition is not high. But in the near future, this will be a lucrative investment market when combining the two major and emerging markets today, E-sport and Crypto.

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