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Leon Acosta

Founders: Leon Acosta

Leon Acosta is an entrepreneur and product creative building impact-first ventures with a focus on sustainability and social impact. He believes that the key to build, grow, include and evolve is always on people and talent. His journey to support this turns around opportunities, community and education. 

From a very early age, he envisions new technologies as a force of change and very powerful tools to achieve positive impact, and based on that vision, Leon started developing software and got a bachelor in Computer Science.

His professional career drove him from strict software development to leadership and cultural innovation, and finally venture into entrepreneurism, first advising and then founding several startups.

TechFest conference – Tech and Sustainability panel

Leon is founder of Dandelion Labs, a Blockchain Product and Research Agency in Hanoi, Vietnam, and part of The Storm Network, a Latin American group of thinkers and dreamers that incubates software ideas, and also originated Blockchain Hanoi, a community that seeks to simplify, make easy, and teach about emerging technologies, providing a space for open collaboration between entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, and universities.

His personal experience, know-how, and network merged with the needs of each project, aim for solid execution, and efficiency to build congruent and meaningful products and scale.

In 2021, after being involved with many startups doing consultancy and advisory, he decided to incorporate Dandelion Labs. Leon partnered with The Storm Network to incorporate Dandelion Labs as a spinoff that would take over the technological needs of the group.

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