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What is Dandelion Labs?


Dandelion Labs is a blockchain product and research agency that works alongside startups and SMEs applying emerging technologies to existing and new business models. Dandelion Labs partners with companies around the software industry, investors, researchers and universities.

Dandelion Labs’ key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in the specific field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and a significant network of local and international partners.

Dandelion Labs’ Vision & Mission

Our purpose-driven multidisciplinary team believes in technology as a force of change. Technology has to be carefully and consciously designed, architectured, and applied to ensure positive and fair outcomes for internal and external stakeholders, leveraging it to support sustainable and regenerative practices, social impact, and inclusion.


After traveling around the world helping entrepreneurs and investors to achieve their dreams, I came to Hanoi to achieve mine. My dream is to become a successful entrepreneur working towards positive social impact and sustainability. In the search for this, I founded several different tech startups using mainly emerging technologies. One fundamental piece to make this all work is to have the right team to trust doing the tech. I tried everything, freelancers, small and big software development companies, but it was always the same, educating the developers, teaching them, and spending more time and resources.

I founded Dandelion Labs to gather a strong team that will remain at my side, to work and grow together. So far we have a few projects ongoing and the team is growing firmly.

Our Core Values


Using curiosity in our lives is a way for us to reduce moments of uncertainty and ambiguity, by gathering information and knowledge. Learning new things can also be perceived by our brains as a reward that we are highly motivated to receive.

Think big

Nothing big ever happened without a big idea to inspire it first. Think without limits. Don’t focus on potential; consider what’s possible! Challenge yourself:  “Am I selling myself short by not thinking big enough?


In exchange for advancing with our goals, our team, customers and community should expect opportunities that provide for:

  • Growth and personal development
  • Career fulfillment and enrichment
  • Acquisition of new skills
  • Financial gain and other rewards
  • Greater access to leadership roles


Impact-first is our key strategy where we seek to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact. Entrepreneurs and investors who follow impact investing consider a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility or the duty to positively serve society as a whole.

Inclusion & Diversity

We value people for what makes them special, unique. In the search for talent and good people we make everyone part of our dream. We care about each other, and about other beings, we care about other animals and our planet as well.

What do we do?

Whitepaper & Business Cases

Dandelion’s team is capable of creating documentation of new and existing business models to establish brands or individuals as experts on a specific topic with expertly crafted content to boost credibility among your target audience and demonstrate industry thought leadership.

Token Technological Advisory

Dandelion offers token technological advisory, to help projects entering into the blockchain ecosystem, or that are looking for peer reviews and improvements, to have smarter token architectures, governance & economics, aligning it with the technology roadmap and roll-out strategy.

Smart Contracts Development

The team behind Dandelion has extensive experience in blockchain development and provides architecture, design, and development of smart contracts workflows, tailored to particular business requirements. The team also audits and optimizes smart contracts.

DApps, Wallet & Platform Dev

Dandelion has a strong software development team to create apps and different platforms for its clients to make their offerings, creating meaningful user experiences and implementing them, from design to code.

Social Responsibility

Blockchain Hanoi – Community for Education and Networking

Blockchain Hanoi is a think tank formed by a group of technologists working together towards an inclusive and conscious future, educating and promoting digital inclusion through giving space and information on emerging technologies such as blockchain. In Blockchain Hanoi, there’s no limit on where technology or arts start, one gives the inspiration. This is the space where the technology lovers can connect with their partners in an environment created to promote new ventures, assist in growth, and impact investment, around sustainable development goals.

About the Founder

Leon Acosta is an entrepreneur and product creative building impact-first ventures with a focus on sustainability and social impact. He believes that the key to build, grow, include and evolve is always on people and talent. His journey to support this turns around opportunities, community and education. 

From a very early age, he envisioned new technologies as a force of change and very powerful tools to achieve positive impact, and based on that vision, Leon started developing software and got a bachelor’s in Computer Science.

His professional career drove him from strict software development to leadership and cultural innovation, and finally ventured into entrepreneurism, first advising and then founding several startups.

TechFest conference – Tech and Sustainability panel


If you are looking into bringing your products and services to the next level applying the advantages of blockchain technology, and if you are looking for the right technology partner, Dandelion Labs is definitely worth the try.Get in touch with us today, on (+84) 343 788 923, or send us an email to hello@dandelionlabs.io

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