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Dandelion Labs partners with Evotek

Dandelion Labs and Evotek have officially signed a partnership agreement; this commitment represents the intention and efforts of both companies to enter into a long-term collaboration to further improve their products and services offering, providing smart digital tools and creating wonderful experiences for customers and final users.

On a global scale, the blockchain market is expanding to become a competitive playground, where several new faces and brands game on their experience and expertise in the new field. Dandelion Labs seeks to become a referent in the blockchain industry by focusing only on this particular vertical; having a strong and reliable ally to develop software products becomes crucial to its early stage. It is an honor for Dandelion Labs to have the chance to partner up with Evotek, one of the leading fast-growing software development companies in Vietnam. Dandelion Labs believes this commitment to work together is going to benefit both companies greatly.

Evotek and Dandelion Labs teams have a strong belief in technology as a force of change, that’s why they carefully and consciously design, implement, and deploy solutions to provide customers with the best and high-quality services, but also advicing to create the right and meaningful ones.

This partnership strengthens Dandelion Labs roots in Vietnam, and gives Evotek another foot in the international arena.

“To build a strong company requires a lot of time, efforts, and resources. This close partnership with Evotek reduces significantly the risk during the roll-out of our go-to-market, and allows us to focus on what we are good at: BLOCKCHAIN.”

Stated Leon Acosta, Founder of Dandelion Labs

To Evotek, this joint work is an important step towards completing its mission: “To bring Vietnam’s IT products and services to a world-class level, using design-thinking and cutting-edge methodologies to provide smart and practical solutions for each one of our valuable customers.”

The partnership signed between Dandelion Labs and Evotek is expected to enhance the development of both companies and empower them to compete comfortably with other players in the market. 

About Evotek JSC

Evotek JSC is a software development company based out of Hanoi, Vietnam, focused on smart solutions and tools for digital transformation. Evotek strives to become a leading software development company in Vietnam, with prestige and position on the world economic map, by pioneering aspirations together with a team of excellent quality personnel.

If you want to know more about the company, please check out the next link: https://evotek.vn/software-development/what-is-evotek/

About Dandelion Labs

Dandelion Labs is a blockchain product and research agency that works alongside startups and SMEs applying emerging technologies to existing and new business models. Dandelion Labs partners with companies around the software industry, investors, researchers and universities.


If you are looking into bringing your products and services to the next level applying the advantages of blockchain technology, Dandelion Labs could be your perfect fit.

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